Saturday, 10 September 2011


I recently created some character designs and various props with Blue-Zoo animation studio, for a short animation to market Red Bee Media's new online video platform RedPlayer.

Here are the Characters, buildings and bits that I designed for the animation.

.. and here is the super cute video, fantastically animated by Blue-Zoo animation studio.

Blue Zoo:
Director: Damian Hook
Art Director: Max Taylor
Storybord: Pete Western
Character Design: Lauren Ellis
Rigging: Alessio Nitti
Modelling and Texturing: Paul Mitcheson
Animation: Dan Edgley, Mike Wyatt and Lizzie Hicks
Compositing: Dave Hunt and Damian Hook

Red Bee:
Creative Producer: Joe Lee
Producer: Nicole Coleman


JS Daniel said...

It's really nice!

lia said...

ohhhh !! I lllove your works!!! your style is so delicate and ironic and fresh and elegant!!!
I ADORE U!!! ♥♥♥

Laurenade said...

Thanks guys! ^_^