Saturday, 3 September 2011

1000 Fairy stickers

1000 Fairy Stickers is now available to buy online and in lots of lovely book shops!

Cover designed by Stella Baggott

This book is jam packed with stickers to place on the spreads within the book or wherever else the reader chooses to stick them! There are also some lovely label stickers to place on envelopes and presents!
I illustrated this book along with the super Usborne illustrator Stella Baggott.

Here is a sneaky peak at a small selection of my spreads and stickers from within the book:

An example of how the stickers can be placed on my autumn scene.

A few of my other spreads and corresponding stickers.

...and here are some of the extra stickers i've illustrated.

More spreads and stickers of mine include a princess castle and a masked ball, to see these and Stella Baggott's lovely illustrations, grab a copy of '1000 Fairy stickers'!

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