Thursday, 4 October 2012

American Girl Picture Yourself Here

The latest book I have illustrated is this super fun book for American Girl entitled 'Picture Yourself Here' by Kristi Thom, Art Direction and Design by Gretchen Becker. American Girl are one of my favourite companies to work with and I had so much fun illustrating this book and now using it too! 

Picture Yourself Here is a mixture of punch-out illustrations and scenes to stick your own photo's in. Once you have created all of the silly scenes it makes a lovely book to keep as a fun photo album!

I couldn't resist having a go at putting some of my own photo's into this scene...

Some of the punch-outs.

A scene with punch-outs in place.

A sneaky peek at some of the spreads...

It is available to buy from American Girl's website here or from Amazon here.


Pamela said...

This looks fab Lauren! So much fun!
Can't wait to get a copy xxx

Laurenade said...

Thanks Mummy ^_^ x