Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Famous Two

I finally had the chance to do some personal work this week, which makes me very happy!

This Illustration shows one of my big sisters and I when we were little playing in the garden. Rhian's favorite game was to play "The Famous Five" and go on adventures. Which mostly consisted of sending me into the scary garden next door to fetch an item she would have thrown into the undergrowth and try to run back without being caught by the yappy dog!
I was more of the dressing up playing with dolls type, so I was less than impressed...

Lots more updates coming soon, including "1000 Stickers for Girls" for Usborne Publishing and a couple of books for Parragon Books too!


Pamela said...

Aw this is brilliant Lauren!
Wonderful memories! xxx

Laurenade said...

Thanks Momma! More to come ^_^ x