Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Usborne Girls' Activity Book.

Finally! The time has come, the first books I have had the pleasure of creating some illustration and design for are now available to buy in shops and online as of Monday 1st August. The books I am referring to are The Usborne Girls' and Boys' Activity Books.

These books include games and puzzles, yummy recipes, doodle pages and 200 fun stickers illustrated by me!
With illustration and design by Erica Harrison, Katie Lovell, Caroline Day, Emily Beevers, Antonia Miller, Jan McCafferty and myself. Written by Lucy Bowman, Rebecca Gilpin, James Maclaine and Louie Stowell.
Above cover design by Erica Harrison

I have so far only managed to get my hands on a copy of the Girls' book, so here is a sneaky peak of some of the illustrated sticker pages I have created for the Girls' book..

Fairy Woodland sticker spread.

Fairy Woodland stickers to stick on to the spread!
Penguin sticker spread.
Penguin stickers.
Build your own cupcake spread, stick on cupcake, then cupcake case, then ice and decorate!
Haunted house spread. Stick on lots of cute spooky ghosts!
Summer Garden spread. Stick on lots of cute bugs!
Cupcake, ghost and bug stickers.
My illustrations also pop up throughout the book on various puzzle and activity pages including some spy girls, doodled hearts and flowers and a yummy chocolate recipe!

A sneaky peak of the Boys' Activity Book will be coming soon...


Mesh137 said...

Awesome stuff Lauren. Is it wrong that I want a copy of this? :-)

Laurenade said...

Haha no way, it's perfectly normal I'm sure. There is a boys version too but if you prefer the girls thats okay! ^_^

Pamela said...

Absolutely brilliant Lauren!!
Makes me wish I was a child again, so I could have a go! Well done xx

Pamela said...

Maybe I will anyway!!