Monday, 30 May 2011

Books Books Books... and lots of stickers!

A few of the books I have been working on with Usborne Publishing are now available to pre-order on Amazon.

1000 Fairy stickers - Contains 1000 fairy related stickers Illustrated by Stella Baggott and myself.

(Cover design by Stella Baggott)

The Usborne Boys and Girls Activity books - Contain lots of super fun puzzles, make and do's, recipes, doodling and stickers! Illustrated and designed by many of the wonderful designers at Usborne Publishing and myself.

(Cover designs by Erica Harrison)

Once the books have hit the shops I will be able to show you some of the work I created for them!


jake gumbleton said...

You have been busy mate!
How are you and your wonderful other half doing?
we really ought to sort out a get together soon!

Wangari said...

Very exciting Lauren! Can't wait to see some of your designs :)

Laurenade said...

Thanks guys!! I'm excited about seeing my work in print in the shops!

We're doing super thanks Jake - Adam's got another new job, so we're on the move again! We really should - it would be great to see you guys! I was just thinking about the life drawing group up there the other day ^_^

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, I might bag myself the Activities for Boys book for when Im stuck in on a rainy day.

Laurenade said...

Thanks!! I highly recommend it - I even struggled with some of the puzzles!