Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Somewhere Sometime... Our exhibition

Our illustration exhibition 'Somewhere Sometime' was a great success, despite only being open for one week, we had over 1000 people come to have a look at our work at the East Gallery, on London's Brick Lane.

Here are some photo's of the event..

My bird themed images
My pal - children's illustrator Zack Mclaughlin and I next to our work.
Group photo of us illustrators.
A few more snaps from the opening night..

It was so much fun, we have decided we must do more shows in the future! Many thanks to My friend Mike Hall who organised and curated the whole event for all his hard work ^_^


jake gumbleton said...

looks brilliant Lauren! Well done.
Finally checked out your cineworld ident: ace!

Laurenade said...

Thanks Jake! Did you see the idents in the cinema? I still haven't seen the one with my naughty phones in the cinema yet! ^_^