Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Running around the countryside

Adam and I have decided it is time to get off our backsides and go running now that we are in the countryside. I cannot believe how unfit I am. Here is a picture of us running along.. me panting struggling to keep up! At least the scenery is pretty..


Pamela said...

Hi Lolli,
My you've been a busy bee!
Love this image!
Adam has got longer legs than you, so he's got an advantage.
Keep up the good work. xx

Mike Hall said...

hahaha Adam looks really smug. Great pic you should do more of these!! :)

Laurenade said...

Haha. Thats cos he just jogs along merrily while I try and keep up! Thanks, they're really fun to do, I think I will do more! x

shanny said...

Running?? Ive got to do race for life in a few months, best do a few training sessions!