Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Promotion Time

I've decided it is self promotion time again, so i've had some new postcards and business cards printed ready to send out to anyone and everyone likely to pop some work my way ^_^

They arrived in the post today, so exciting, I always love post!


Wangari M. said...

They look great Lauren! How are things in the Midlands?


cold*toes said...

These look great! Could I ask where you got them printed? I am just about to get some done myself.

Hope you're enjoying the midlands! :)

Anonymous said...

these look awesome Lauren - good thing to be doing.

Laurenade said...

Thanks guys ^_^

Living in the midlands is definitely a change from London Wang, its not as exciting, but it is a lot prettier! Are you coming to visit the UK anytime soon?

Marianne: I ordered them from Goodprint. The quality is really good. Hope your self promotion is going well ^_^