Thursday, 10 December 2009

Christmas in Wake Up World

I've been in such a Christmassy mood ever since the beginning of November when I started these Christmas designs for the winter version of Wake Up World, which is on Nick Jr at the moment.. which means I can now show you some designs I created for it...

The Christmas tree and presents for the presenter's house

Christmassy props for the presenter's kitchen

Hats and scarves for the children to wrap up warm!

Hats for the animals, giraffe scarf and dog body warmer and ear muffs!

Inside the house Christmas decorations

I have been a busy bee working on a few other commissions too, I will post them as soon as they are aired or finished... But for now Merry Christmas!!


shanny said...

Eee no-wonder you were so christmassy!I wonder if they will ask you to draw pancakes and easter eggs next year? Noticed your not following my blog missy!

Mesh137 said...

This is all quality Lauren! Really like the style this work is in. The animations really stay true to your concepts to! Much love!